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About Jules: 

Jules Purnell (they/them/theirs) grew up in Cincinnati, OH and moved to Portland, ME in 2010. There they studied at the University of Southern Maine, earning a BA in Women and Gender Studies and Sociology with a concentration in Deaf Studies. In 2016, they moved to Philadelphia, PA and earned their M.Ed. in Human Sexuality Studies from Widener University in 2018.

Jules identifies as transgender, non-binary/genderqueer, and goes by they/them pronouns.  They also identify as multiracial, the descendant of immigrants from Southeast Asia and Western Europe. Jules has taught on subjects ranging from transgender identity and non-mono sexualities ("Other-sexuals: Beyond Gay and Straight"), to polyamory ("Polyamory for the Rest of Us"), to BDSM/kink, to safer sex and consent, especially for those who are often left out of safer sex talks.

They have been published or featured in Bustle, EcoSalon, the Portland Phoenix, Dispatch Magazine, and on the podcasts Poly Role Models, Loving Without Boundaries, and Take Back Your Sex. They have spoken on the radio shows ISM PRISM and the Blunt Youth Radio Project. Jules was a co-host for Attraction Lab speed dating event through Guerilla Science. Jules has presented at the Philadelphia Trans Wellness Conference, the Woodhull Sexual Freedom Summit, the Transcending Boundaries Conference, and helped coordinate and present at the MESH(in) Conference just to name a few!

Jules currently works as a consultant for organizations such as Valley Youth House, Penn Medicine, Maine Medical Center, and Lincoln Financial Group. They have worked to empower young people in the non-profit sector, including as Teen Council Coordinator for Planned Parenthood of Delaware. They have also worked on political campaigns for reproductive justice at Planned Parenthood of Southwest Ohio and Northern New England, and LGBTQIA+ rights at Equality Maine.

Jules Purnell, M.Ed.  ©  2019

Jules Purnell, M.Ed. © 2019